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5 important reasons to not bleach faux leather jackets.

Faux Leather was traditionally developed for its use in upholstery, but over the years the buzz around faux leather has increased in the fashion industry. Faux leather is made from a plastic base ingrained with polyurethane, polyamide, and most commonly polyvinyl chloride and lined by a supple fabric making these faux leather jackets pleasant to wear and the added benefit is its cost-effectiveness.

Some significant attributes to remember are that these faux leather jackets are non-permeable so the stains would prominently show and these jackets tend to get dry rather quickly, unfortunately, if allowed to get over dried would lead to cracking of the leather. Few important tips to remember while taking care of faux leather jackets are as follows:

Reasons to not bleach faux leather jacket

Protection from ultraviolet light

Sunlight can be harmful to a faux leather jacket as these ultraviolet rays alter the plastic ingrained in faux leather at a molecular level and cause fragility of the material.

Say no to bleach faux leather

Despite the type and size of the spill, do not bleach faux leather; bleach should never be used as it contributes to the over-drying of the faux leather eventually cracking it.

Transfer of color

Always wash faux leather separately as it is dyed with strong pigments and can transfer it to light-colored clothes if that ever happens, try cleaning it up with rubbing alcohol.

No to rugged materials for cleaning

Scouring of faux leather jackets with a rugged material or sponge should be avoided as it can damage the structural integrity of the article causing cracks on the superficial layer.

Mild cleaning and conditioning solutions

It’s beneficial to use mild detergents while washing a faux leather jacket. The use of natural conditioners like mink oil and linseed oil should be encouraged.

These were a few tips taken into account while taking care of faux leather jackets and remember to say no to bleach faux leather.


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