Leather Jackets for Women in Downtown

Keep your beautiful custom leather jacket crease-free in winters 2020

A custom leather jacket for women is a vision that got materialized and it is a prized possession for anyone who owns it. When you spend a fortune on something which you wholeheartedly got made for yourself than you expect it to last for a lifetime and any ruin to it can be troublesome for you, wrinkles and creases are one of those nightmares you face while doing maintenance of your custom leather jacket for women. Here we present to you some of the incredible hacks to take care of your jackets that are pocket friendly and quite easy to apply.https://ensaneleather.com/custom-design/

Steam the custom leather jacket

Whenever you go for steaming hot shower just hang your jacket in the bathroom so that the steam could reach it and this makes the jacket more stretchy, that will help you to work through the creases without any hassle and apply a good quality leather conditioner on it, this will help to protect it from over-drying once it is out of the bathroom.

Use a pile of books to flatten the jackets

Applying pressure to alter the grains of a jacket is a good remedy to straighten the jacket and make it crease-free, place the jacket flat on a table and place a hefty pile of books over it and let it be in that position for a substantial time, most probably overnight to achieve better results.

Iron out the creases

This method is one of the most commonly used tricks ever, warm up your iron, and place your custom leather jacket inside out on the ironing table place a cotton or linen cloth over it, and then mildly iron it without applying too much pressure.

Blow-dry the creases

Blow drying is a good option when you are in a hurry and the creases are not that visible but are noticeable when you close up, blow-drying will make the leather more pliable and you can work out the creases thereafter and achieve a hip and flawless custom leather jacket for women as a result.

Restore finished leather with alcohol

Only to be used on finished leather types and not on faux leather, before applying check on a small spot with a subtle cloth if the color doesn’t come off then you are good to go.

Hopefully, these tricks come in handy to you and help you cherish those lovely custom-made jackets for a longer time.

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