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5 Effective ways to clean a leather jacket

Leather jackets are cherished commodities in your wardrobe, it is a long term investment and every person wants to hold on to it for a significant amount of time but to clean a leather jacket can be quite expensive and grisly, protecting a leather jacket from stains and spills can be a gruesome task, but cleaning a leather jacket is not that difficult, you just need to follow some steps to clean your valued leather jacket.

Steps to clean a leather jacket:

The initial step is to buff the jacket by dusting it and air drying it for a few hours away from sunlight but make sure it is an open space, this will help you get rid of any odor emitting from the jacket, if it still doesn’t smell fresh the next option is to use corn starch or baking soda, the method of application is to sprinkle it on the  leather jacket and rub the areas with a wet towel and let it rest overnight, repeat the process for better results.

To get rid of oil spills and food stains from the leather is a pivotal aspect of cleaning a leather jacket, this can be achieved by multiple household items like baking soda, toothpaste, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol, all these materials are to be applied on the jacket, tapped with a warm towel and dried with a plain cloth. Another important thing to be conscious of is to avoid scrapping the leather with a brush or sharp object which can lead to scratching of the leather jacket.

Some solutions to avoid are bleach-based or the ones containing ammonia as they cause splitting of the leather finishes, steer clear of using copious amounts of water as well, it may lead to stains, in the end of the process to clean a leather jacket, use a good quality leather conditioner for softness and protection of the jacket. The result is a fresh and clean leather jacket.


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