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How to Measure Your body length for jacket For Women’s Leather Jacket

Are you thinking about buying a leather Jacket? but how to measure your body lenght for jacket for women’s leather jacket ? There’s no denying the fact that leather jackets and coats are the popular choices of women’s outerwear. They are available in a variety of various classic styles that are easy to incorporate into your daily outfits. More importantly, perhaps, leather jackets are made of Genuine leather, so you can rest assured knowing that they’ll last for a very long time.

There are many apparels that have to face returns from customers because of size or . Thus, size becomes the main reason for the shopper to make a decision to shop online or go to offline stores.

How to Measure Your body length for jacket For Women’s Leather Jacket

What will you need?
Just a measurement Tape  
Pick a time that is convenient for you so you don’t have to do other works etc. The best time to take measurements is earlier in the morning. This is the time when you will have no post-meal bloating. While many people think they can get their own measurements accurately but it’s not right. It’s best to ask anybody to help you with an accurate reading. Now I’m gonna show you some ways of body measurements to avoid sizing problems like : Body length for a jacket, sleeves measurements etc etc  ….
Below is a complete guide on how to choose the right women’s leather jacket size Make sure the measuring tape is in level and not too tight or too loose. Don’t press the measuring tape too much against your skin.
Stand upright position and look straight ahead. Breathe normally because this will not reflect your true body measurements.

Chest  —>  As mentioned above, the chest is the most important body part for jacket measurement. Stand up straight position, relax your arms at your side. Ideally ask your mother, spouse, or bestie, to wrap the tape measure around your chest area. Make sure the measuring tape has a little room (max. an inch) to move. Depending on the type of jacket (casual vs. formal) so you can add an additional inch (casual can be looser). Measure your body horizontally around the body at the strongest part of the chest with the help of measuring tape.

Shoulder Width —>  The shoulders of your jacket should fit just right, not too tight and not too loose. To do this solo. If you still have your helper have them place the tape measure across your back from one shoulder to the other. Again, write down the digits of your size so you won’t forget.

 Jacket length ––> Place the tape measure at the top of your shoulder then bring the tape measure down to the very top of your thigh. Write the number down and continue onto the final step with the help of measuring tape.

Sleeve length —> Correct sleeve length is crucial when it comes to making your jacket look polished and flawless. Very slightly bend your arms and place your hand down on your hip, then measure starting at the center back of your neck all along the way along your arm to your wrist.

Size Chart (Measurements in Inches)

About Size

If your Chest Size is 30-31 Inches kindly select  the extra small size (XS)

If your Chest Size is 32-33 Inches kindly select the small size (X)

If your Chest Size is 34-35 Inches kindly select the medium size (M)

If your Chest Size is 36-37 Inches kindly select the large size (L)

If your Chest Size is 38-39 Inches kindly select extra large size (XL)

If your Chest Size is 40-41 Inches kindly select size double extra large size ( XXL)

If your Chest Size is 42-43 Inches kindly select size triple extra-large size (XXXL)

If your Chest Size is 44-45 Inches kindly select the 4XL size . 


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