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Leather jackets of sheephide

Leather Jackets of Sheep Hide Have 7 Astounding Qualities

Sheepskin leather which is also generally known as shearling or lamb hide is one of the most unique and astounding hides used for manufacturing leather jackets commercially. The reason for achieving this consequence is the smooth and velvety touch it gives off after going through the tanning process.

The pores in sheep hide are placed evenly and this gives the jacket light and airy flair, making it a fitting material for fabricating high-end fashion accessories like subtle leather jackets. This account covers all the quirks and qualities of sheepskin jackets and how they are manufactured.

Extraordinary Insulating Characteristics

Sheep hide is known to be tanned with fleece or wool unlike the tanning procedures of other such hides. One side which is wool lined is usually the inner side as it is lax and comfortable to touch and has extraordinary insulating characteristics while the tough and luxurious leather is on the flip side of it.

Many other qualities of sheep hide leather jackets because of the addition of fleece include resistance to electricity and flame, which makes it safe and is preemptive. Moreover, sheep hide leather jackets have some features you need to know about. They are as follow:


Sheepskin leather jackets have lightweight, and easy and comfortable to wear. Because naturally sheepskin is thin with fine grain. If you plan to wear your leather jacket during the summer or spring, the jacket’s lightweight property of a sheepskin jacket satisfy you in these seasons.

Soft Material

As we know well sheepskin leather jackets have fine grain. It makes the material soft. No matter you wear it with t-shirt. You will feel more comfortable in, either you wear it for a special occasion, or you wear it all day long. May be cow leather jackets are also soft material, but sheepskin leather is the most fine material with soft texture.

Artistic Taste

The sheepskin leather jackets have a similar appearance that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Most of the men and women prefer sheepskin leather jacket over cow skin leather jacket. It gives the jacket an artistic taste.

Comfortable to Wear

Sheepskin leather jackets are the most comfortable to wear for causal and formal use. As you just wear the jacket for six to seven hours. So, you need to look that the jacket material is comfortable. One the other hand if you choose for the worst material for you leather jacket, you can have a problem with it.

Reasonable Prices

You can find sheepskin leather jackets are more expensive then cow leather jackets. But if you wear the quality that gives you the comfort. Than why to compromise on the price? Pay more and get maximum comfort.

Breathable Quality makes it Antiperspirant

One of the most astounding qualities of sheep leather jackets is their multifunctionality. The sheep hide fibers contain a breathable quality that also makes it antiperspirant, this is an excellent factor for its success as it will be a great ensemble for both summers and winters. Although not 100% it is to some extent water repellant and will be great protective aid when met with sudden rain.

Another noteworthy quality of sheep hide leather jacket is that it contains a special essential oil named lanolin, which helps its stance medically as it is proven to have anti-bacterial properties and is deemed to make stuff including it to be hypoallergenic, which makes it comforting to the skin and even helps in protecting broken and inflamed skin.


In a nutshell, sheep leather jackets are dazzling and luxurious to look at and soft and light-weighted while wearing, therefore our designers at ENSANE LEATHER adore it and you can order remarkably beautiful and fleek sheep hide leather jackets from us at jaw-dropping prices.


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